About Me

Born into war and forced to evacuate his country as a young child, Roman
Zarudyanskiy is a warrior on a mission to heal himself and teach the rest of the
world to do the same.

His journey in the United States began in Brooklyn, New York at the age of 4 where he grew up quickly and learned how to survive in a chaotic environment. He trained and competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a young adult earning more than 30 titles. A year into competing he began teaching Jiu Jitsu and opened his first  Jiu Jitsu academy at the age of 23 years old which he grew to  more than 120 students.

Roman fully embodies the entrepreneurial spirit which is evident in the way he synthesizes his deep  knowledge of martial arts, holistic wellness, e-commerce, supplements, psychology, and spirituality into multiple successful businesses which include On My Grind Academy, Everpure, Infinite Pet Life, Dr. Stern Brand, Hero Academy, and Warrior Wellness, his life coaching company.

Roman is an authentic practitioner who is committed to growth, healing, and  becoming the very best version of himself. His depth of knowledge and experience allow him to curate the perfect program for his high performing clients with an emphasis on inner work to help them get unstuck and live better on a path with purpose. Roman harnesses his strong masculine energy to hold his clients accountable and guide them through their journey with support and  compassion. Roman is grateful to share his gifts with the world and truly make an  impact in the lives of many.

I can’t wait to help you go from stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed to quiet your mind,  creating a space of inner calm, and tap into your natural superpowers!

When you do, you’ll be able to share your true gifts with the world and well, I get to experience you at your greatest version!  

I’ve helped Thousands of stressed out people just like you quiet their mind, create inner calm, and tap into their natural superpowers…