Letting Go

There once there lived a boy who’s life took him on a rough and rugged path… His whole youth he lived a life of fun and pleasure. But on that journey he unknowingly lied, cheated and hurt others, as well as himself. He had many friends that all did the same… They all lived their … Read more

The Lost Art Of Trying.

I’m always in the process of learning something new but my style is that of an autodidact (self taught)… I read books,take courses, go to 1 off events, and spend a lot of time testing, contemplating, and practicing. Its a learning process I developed through years of practice and a lack of resources, ie. I … Read more

Ego, Polymath and the Evolution of the human soul: A Self Study.

There I was, standing in the TGI Fridays parking lot in a bloody wife beater over my nose… Surrounded by over a hundred people all with different ranges of expressions… Whether smiling because their guy won, sad that their guy lost, or horrified at all the blood pouring from my nose… At that moment I … Read more

Don’t Give Up, You’re Not Beaten Yet: A Self Study on Social Media Use.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a barely warm and empty bathtub sobbing, while listening to “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel… But before we go down that rabbit hole, let me tell you about the events that led to my near destruction… Instagram, Facebook, Myspace, Meetspot, Whimit, AOL/AIM chat rooms, and instant … Read more